Recommended Resources

Sometimes, Christians just want to learn more about the wonderful topics being presented in the sermons!  Nothing can be more exciting for the pastor.  This page includes links to some books Pastor Gabe would like to recommend for further reading.
This workbook does a great job leading us through important questions and topics to consider when crafting our personal Rule of Life. I would encourage you to take your time going through it!
The church staff recently read this in our staff meetings. Dallas Willard walks us through the key ingredients (trust, attitude, perspective, etc.) of living a life without lack – content in all God has for us.
I found this gem at a retreat center I visited on sabbatical. It’s a simple book that reminds us of the importance of rest and spending extended time investing in our relationship with God.
Michael & I read Emotionally Healthy Leader last year, and I appreciate Scazzero’s concern for and approach to emotional and spiritual health. I would recommend working your way through this book with a friend or family member.
I have read a handful of books on prayer, but Yancey’s is the most practical and relatable to me. You will enjoy not only his stories, but also his hands-on, practical, & honest application from his own prayer life.
I originally read this book in seminary, and I have always appreciated this perspective on calling. If you are struggling with viewing your vocation as a ministry, or have idealized missions or pastoral work, this might be a good resource.
This is the latest from our staff reading list, and it is one of my favorites! James Bryan Smith looks at how the narratives we buy into about God shape our self-image, our relationships, and our direction in life. He then uses Scripture to correct the false narratives we have inherited, and to point us toward loving union and intimacy with God. One of my favorite parts of this book is that he pairs each attribute of God he discusses with a spiritual discipline, designed to help us embrace a true understanding of God’s nature in our soul, and to rest in His deep love for us.
I have mentioned this book several times recently. Nouwen wrote Life of the Beloved for a friend who he desperately hoped would be able to grasp the depth of God’s unconditional love for all of us. When we approach our relationship with God with the confidence that comes from this understanding of His unconditional love and acceptance, we find the great hope, joy, & peace of the gospel.
This isn’t a book you sit down to read cover to cover, but it’s an excellent resource for explaining what the Bible has to say about every major area of theological study. Grudem does an excellent job of providing an exhaustive theological analysis, in language anyone can understand.
Abundant Life was founded by Pastor Samuel Floyd, who retired in 2014 and moved to Heaven in 2015. His story has been documented by his wife, Kathie Floyd, with the able assistance of Darlene Saunders. This book will make it possible that all who cannot meet him personally can read the story of the loving man God used to begin this church.