Frequently Asked Questions

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When and where are your Sunday services?

We meet every Sunday morning at 8:45 and 10:30am. Our address is 10795 Alta Street in Grass Valley, CA. Click here for driving directions. Approximately once a quarter, on the rare occasion when there is a 5th Sunday in a month, we have a single “Family Service” at 10am in our sanctuary. These services are followed by a special event, and more information can be found on our schedule of events.

What are your worship services like?

ALCC offers two services every Sunday morning, and each of these services is identical. Each week, we invite the entire family (from young to old) to worship together. Of course, the nursery is always open for those little ones who need a safe place to play. Following our worship set, we will dismiss those who would like to go to children’s church, and everyone else is invited to enjoy the message from one of our pastors. Our worship set is primarily contemporary in style, and our services last from 60-75 minutes.


What kind of a church are you?

Abundant Life is a non-denominational, community church that is made up of people whose lives have been transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe God has called our church to be a beacon of God’s grace in our community, and so we are committed to bringing people to wholeness through God’s grace. Everything we do, from Sunday services to small groups, or fellowship to outreach, is done with this very thing in mind.


What do you offer for my kids during the worship service?

Our church is made up of people from every generation, and we consider our little ones an important part of our family.  For this reason, children are ALWAYS welcome throughout our Sunday worship services.  Every Sunday, (except the 5th Sunday of any month), we offer an awesome children’s ministry program for kids 0 to 12. Children are dismissed shortly before the sermon to go to their classes.  When they arrive, they are loved and taught by an amazing group of volunteers who count it a privilege to train up our little ones in God’s Word. You can find out more about our Nursery and Preschool program and about our Elementary classes by contacting the church office (530-273-1139).


What is the mission and vision of your church?

Mission Statement: “By God’s grace, Abundant Life Community Church exists to bring people to wholeness through God’s grace.”
Vision Statement:  (elaborates on our purpose) “We do this by creating a loving, cross-generational environment where the Name of Jesus and His Word are exalted in our church, neighborhood, community, and the world.

What kind of music do you play in your worship service?

The worship ministry at Abundant Life has two primary goals: 1) to become better worshippers, and 2) to lead others more effectively in worship. With these goals in mind, our leaders strive to choose music that is more than just a “good song,” but that is effective in leading people before the throne of God. Our musical style is relevant to today’s current culture, yet we also play songs that date from throughout Christian history (both near and far). Some examples of artists that our team enjoys pulling from are Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, Hillsong, Lincoln Brewster, as well as many others.

How often do you take communion?

Communion is served on the first Sunday of each month. ALCC offers “open” communion, meaning everyone is welcome to participate as they feel led.

What is a family service, and how often do you have them?

As part of our desire to connect generations at ALCC, we enjoy quarterly family worship services. On these mornings, we crowd everyone into a single service, which begins at 10:00 a.m..  The service is followed by a church-wide fellowship event. Nursery and preschool classes are available during these worship services, but our elementary classes get to remain in the sanctuary with us. We have activity boxes available, but we have found that many of the young ones remain engaged throughout the service. Make sure to keep checking our upcoming events to see when our next Family Service will be!

Can I bring my kids into the service with me?

Absolutely! ALCC loves children, and we want them to know that they are an important part of our church family, wherever and however they want to fit in. We know that your kids might feel more comfortable staying with you during the entire service, especially the first few times you attend, so you are welcome to keep them with you if you like. 

Do I need to dress up to attend your church?

Absolutely NOT! You will find that some people enjoy dressing up for church, while others come in shorts and flip-flops. Everyone is welcome at any of our worship services, and we want you to feel comfortable dressing however you like!

Do I need to bring a Bible?

You don’t need to bring your Bible, although we always encourage you to do so if you have one. We will display most of the Bible verses we use on the projection screen, and we have plenty of extra Bibles for you to use. In fact, if you don’t already have one at home, you can keep one of ours!

What Bible version do you use?

Although we preach from the ESV (English Standard Version) Bible, you will find our church members reading from one of many different translations. We just love God’s Word, no matter the English translation!

Do I have to give?

Of course not! We believe that giving is an important part of our service, because it gives our church members an opportunity to worship God with their finances. But giving is never an expectation or obligation, and you will certainly never feel pressured to contribute to our ministry!

What programs do you offer Junior High and High School Students?

Our student ministry for Junior High and High School students meets Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:00 p.m., during the school year. You can find more information about this ministry here.

How do I enter your building?

From the moment you enter our church building, we want you to know that you are family!
And we hope you feel like family, because the first thing you might see when you open the door could be our kitchen! Don’t worry, though!  You are in the right place.  Our sanctuary is right on the other side of the kitchen!  The kitchen door is the only entry during the week.
There is also an exterior door directly leading into the sanctuary – which will be the first door you come to from the upper parking area.  This door is not open during the week.
For conventional folks, the front door facing the street, is always available on Sunday morning.

What is your denominational background?

Abundant Life Community Church has never had any denominational affiliation. As a community church, we welcome people from any church background, or those with no church background at all! We believe that we are united under the grace of God, secured for us through Jesus Christ, and that is our emphasis during our times together.

What are your beliefs?

You can find our statement of faith here.