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Abundant Life WELCOMES Children in our services!

Our children’s classes begin after the worship portion of the adult service – just before the sermon. If parents believe their children will benefit more from being in service with their parents, we encourage them to act on that belief. Further, believing that our children are full participants in the family, on each 5th Sunday of the month, we hold a Family Service, where our children are included in the full service. (Infant and toddler care is available.) This is usually only ONE service, held at 10:00 a.m., often followed by a pot-luck or barbecue. Packets of quiet “activities” are distributed to the children who are in service, at the parent’s discretion.


What could be more precious than an infant?
When parents trust their babies into our care, we take that trust very seriously. The loving gentle staff will do whatever necessary to give the little ones a nurturing experience. Our check-in system assures parents that their baby is secure and well cared for.

Ages 2-4

All the fun and joy and tears and learning parents see in their toddlers are familiar to our teachers in this age group. We do our best to make our class consistently “hands-on” as our little people learn about our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Ages 5-7 & 8-11

When our children arrive in the Fellowship Hall for class, they’re met by one of our capable Children’s Staff, who spend about five to ten minutes giving them a short object lesson.  The children then break into separate classes, where they hear a Bible story, play a game or do a craft.  Each class receives loving, godly instruction at an appropriate age level.  Parents are asked to bring their children to class and pick them up afterwards.