During these unprecedented times in the history of our world, we still worship our unchanging God, and our children continue to worship with us.  But now, we are worshiping together, in our homes or some of us are finally worshiping on Alta Street.  Some of us are worshiping together in the sanctuary; some are watching and listening on our computers, phones or televisions, at home.
When we are together in our traditional corporate worship, our children have a lesson or sermon especially designed for them.  It is on a similar topic and taken from the same scriptures as the adult sermon.  Our children have been greatly enriched by this teaching method, and many of our families report that when they get home, the discussions about the lessons have greatly increased.
We are providing some materials that you can use at home or print off to bring with you to church to help keep the children focused on the topic as you, as a family, participate, or watch and listen to the adult sermon for the weeks we cannot all meet together.  We suggest that you print them off, have a table within a viewing distance of the television, and felt tip pens or crayons (and sometimes, scissors) ready, before the service starts.   After you’ve enjoyed worshiping together, give the materials to the children as the sermon begins.  
There is also a worksheet for older children and teens, which includes the scripture for today.
Click on the links, below to access the coloring pages and worksheets:

August 2 – 2 CORINTHIANS 5:16-19

Parents: During this unusual time of social distancing, these materials
CANNOT be printed for children who are attending service at Alta Street.
You can bring them with you, however, for your children to use during service.

Crayons, marker pens, or pencil may be needed:


Pencil and/or Highlighter will be needed: